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The Dangerous Type

While an exhibitionist actually WANTS to be seen having sex, most people are not exhibitionists. However, there is something very thrilling about the CHANCE of getting caught, something that fuels the sex act itself, making it even better. 2 decades ago I had not heard of one particular machine shop (that I deal with nowadays), … Continue reading The Dangerous Type

(Don’t) Get Bent

The male penis naturally can be bent slightly upward or slightly downward.This helps in reaching those magic buttons inside of the vagina, the ones that she really enjoys being pushed. But when it's bent a lot, or is bent sideways, that's when you have a problem. Peyronie's disease is an affliction that affects about 10% … Continue reading (Don’t) Get Bent

Say what?

Open communications is one of the most important parts of a successful relationship. It is also the easiest thing to loose in a relationship. Imagine the scene - you're at a "speed dating" meetup and you've got 30 seconds to make a good first impression. Most people will open with general interests like "I enjoy … Continue reading Say what?