What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

A young couple, both recent college graduates, are down on their luck. Finances have been tight, so they’ve been living in a tiny apartment and doing odd jobs to earn money. The man decides that he’ll take a temporary job at the local hamburger joint. His girlfriend tries to keep him upbeat but she knows this is far beneath him. After his first day at work, he comes home, covered in grease, and is visibly dejected. He turns to the girl and says “I wanna put my dick in the pickle slicer“. “Oh honey  NO! I know this job is not what you wanted, but it’s only temporary. Oh I love you soooooo much. We will get through this tough time!” He agrees and heads off to the shower, to remove the day’s mess from his body. After his second day at work, again he comes home greasy, sad and dejected. “I wanna put my dick in the pickle slicer” is all he says and again his girlfriend comforts him… “Oh honey, you’ll find a good job soon, one that uses your degree. We’ll get through this. I love you tremendously!” Again he heads off to the shower. After his third shift, he comes home and announces “Ok, I did it; I put my dick in the pickle slicer“. His girlfriend freaks out: “OH NO! HONEY! THAT’S TERRIBLE!  ARE YOU OK? WHAT HAPPENED?” The man lowers his head and says “She got fired too“.

Same couple, but a slightly different scenario. This time they are living in their van and the girl says she has a way to make them some money. “I could sell my body. It’s only sex, I still love only you. I could earn us enough money to get us past this bad spot in life.” The boyfriend begrudgingly agrees to his girlfriend’s idea. The girl puts on some shorts and a tight shirt, then steps out of the van. The boyfriend stays in the van while she walks to the corner at the end of the street. Soon a man pulls his car up to the curb and asks the girl how much she charges. She realizes that she has no idea how much she should charge for her services, so she tells him to wait here. Quickly she walks back to her boyfriend in the van and asks him how much she should charge. He tells her “$20 for a hand job, $50 for a blow job, and $100 for straight sex.” She returns to the waiting man and tells him the pricing. He agrees and says “Follow me, I’ve got a hotel room right around the corner.” Once they are in the room, he says “All I have is $20, so I guess I’ll have a hand job.” He drops his pants and the girl is quite surprised at how large and thick his dick is. Again she tells him to wait here and she rushes out of the room. When she got back to the van, she tells her boyfriend “Quick, loan me $80!


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