It takes 2 to tango

A couple that my wife and I know has been together for 32 years, raised 2 kids, made a house a beautiful home. And we just found out that they are getting a divorce. Seems they have not been intimate in 8 years, something that I think is caused by their mutual alcoholism, and the … Continue reading It takes 2 to tango

Say what?

Open communications is one of the most important parts of a successful relationship. It is also the easiest thing to loose in a relationship. Imagine the scene - you're at a "speed dating" meetup and you've got 30 seconds to make a good first impression. Most people will open with general interests like "I enjoy … Continue reading Say what?

Sex is addictive

  I'm reminded of what the announcer at the original Woodstock concert once said "I don't think I can cum any harder". As the body ages, it can't climax as well as it used to. Men reach their peak at approximately age 18 while women reach their peak at approximately 35. And from there, it's … Continue reading Sex is addictive